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You’ve got control. The larger sized Revlon® Comfort + Control Tweezer is durable and precise, helping you grab all those annoying hairs—without the headache. No teeny-weeny tweezers, to remove even tiny brow hairs.
  • Tweeze with more accuracy and control 
  • Easy to hold for more comfortable use
  • Curved shape and dips help with finger placement
  • Wide stainless-steel slant tips grab hairs with precision
  • Made with non-slip silicone
  • Ergonomically crafted for more Comfort + Control
Step 1: Use right after a warm shower to minimize the discomfort of plucking.
Step 2: Tweeze your eyebrows in natural light, so you can easily see every stray hair.
Step 3: Grip the tweezer, using your thumb and index finger on the silicone pads.
Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with the results, define your eyebrows with ColorStay Micro™ Brow Pencil to create natural-looking brows.

Expert Tip: To amp up your brow look even further, apply ColorStay™ Semi-Permanent Brow Ink for brows that last.

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