Day to Night Makeup Look

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Get ready to embrace the ultimate day-to-night makeup look, designed to showcase your unique beauty and boost your confidence from morning to evening. Begin your makeup journey with a focus on understated daytime elegance. This makeup look features lighter tones and neutral colors, perfect for any daytime activity. Transform this look into evening glamor for a dramatic effect.

How to do a Daytime Makeup Look

Daytime makeup is known for being a bit understated, perfect for the office, brunch, or shopping with friends. Lighter tones and neutral colors are standard, but you can always shimmer it up with your favorite pastels for a signature look.

So, grab your brushes, stock up on Revlon essentials, and get ready to slay on this day-to-night makeup journey. It’s time to shine and show the world your fierceness.

Step 1: Eyeshadow Base

Before diving into the glam world of nighttime makeup looks, let's get ready to slay the day.  We'll begin by layering pink around the top of the eyelids with Revlon's ColorStay Day to Night™ Eyeshadow Quad (color: Pretty 565). This will prep your skin for eyeshadow and give your eyelids that fresh, lit-from-within glow.

Step 2: Define the Brows

Next, use our ColorStay™ Brow Pencil to make your eyebrows pop and define their shape. Whether you create a dramatic look or just like to fill them in a little, this is the brow pencil for you! Smudge and shape to your taste and get well-defined brows that fit your face.

Next, go back to the eyeshadow quad and use the palest part of the palettes with a flat-angle brush, defining the bottom of the eyebrow. With that pale contrast just below the brow, it really makes them stand out. You can use a sponge or your fingers to really blend it in. If you want, you can comb the brows with the blending brush included with the pencil.

Step 3: Add the Eyeshadow

Adding the shimmery, light end of the quad palette below the eyebrow adds highlight and definition. Then head to the darker side of the quad and apply it to the outside corners of the eyes, blending it seamlessly into the lighter colors. Select the darkest color of the quad to line the crease. Add a dab of a lighter shade on the center of the lid, just above the lashes.

Continue layering lighter colors just under the browline or wherever you want highlights to make your lashline and crease stand out! Blend the boundaries between each color until you achieve a seamless transition.

Step 4: Line + Define

Next, it’s time to add ColorStay™ Eyeliner.  We suggest starting off with a brown for a softer, more natural look. (Although we fully support any color you want to wear at any time of day.) Glide the pencil along the lower lashes with a nice dark line. Then sweep along the top, pulling the outside corners into a thin, winged line until you achieve the perfect cat’s-eye look!

Step 5: Highlight + Contour

Even if you’re already wearing our ColorStay Skin Awaken™ 5-in-1 Concealer, it’s time to add a lighter shade along the top of the cheekbones and under the eyes, adding depth and dimension to your face. Blend until you have seamless highlights that complement your contours.

Add darker lines down either side of your nose to make it appear slimmer and blend into your existing foundation until you can’t see the transition. You want a slightly darker shade underneath the cheekbones to create a shading effect and sculpted look. Then, add a light shade from the eyeshadow quad to the inner corners of the eyelids – now they’ll really pop!

Step 6: Line Those Lips

We can't forget the pièce de résistance– bold and luscious lips that leave a lasting impression. Start by whipping out your ColorStay™ Lip Liner in a perfectly contrasting color to your chosen lipstick and edge that pout! Start with a deep plum purple then add some brown for the perfect rich tones to complement her complexion. Smack the lips to blend.

Step 7: Color that Pout

Next, it’s time to fill in that liner with Revlon’s Super Lustrous™ Lipstick.  We suggest #205, Champagne on Ice. Blend the lipstick right up to the inner edge of your lip liner, then cover it with Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear for a high-shine finish.

Step 8: Glow It Up

Add even more shimmer to your stunning look with SkinLights Prismatic Highlighter in #201, Daylight Glimmer. Add along the top of the cheekbones for a finishing touch.

Take Your Daytime Glow to Nighttime Glam

Now that you’ve conquered the day, it's time to refresh your makeup and unleash your inner diva. It’s all about turning up the drama for a captivating nighttime makeup look. Wondering how to take your makeup look from day to night? Makeup for that night party look is often more intense because you’ll be in lower-light settings that require more contrast to pop.

Step 1: Serve Up a Smokey Cat Eye

These steps will take you from a day to night time eye makeup look. Intensify the daytime eyes with sultry, smoky shadows. Add darker eyeshadow to the upper and lower lash line and create an even more seductive cat eye. 

Step 2: Amp up the Contrast with Black Liner & Mascara 

Darken the eyeshadow if you’d like, intensifying the crease. Add black liner and/or artificial lashes to make your eyes even more show-stopping. 

Step 3: Add a Bold Lip

Crank your whole look up a level (or two!) to steal the limelight and shine your best. The makeup difference before and after may not look like much, but subtle touches make all the difference.

Step 4: Lock Your Look with Setting Spray

Setting spray is the ultimate secret weapon for achieving an impeccable all-night makeup look. From lively dance floors to humid summer nights, setting spray acts as a reliable shield, preventing smudging, fading, or melting. With just a few spritzes of ColorStay Lock Setting Mist, you can confidently dance the night away, knowing that your flawless makeup will remain intact until the final moments of the evening.

Unleash Your Inner Beauty

We hope this tutorial has inspired you to embrace your inner glam! From the radiant freshness of the daytime look to the dramatic allure of nighttime makeup, we hope you enjoy your bold beauty look with confidence.