How to Do Eyebrow Makeup

Whether you’re aiming for full-out glam or "no-makeup" makeup, eyebrows play a key role in framing your overall look.

Regardless of your natural eyebrow shape or thickness, we’ve got tips, tricks, and tools to help them look their best.

You can skip the salon trip when you know the techniques to do your eyebrows right at home.

In this guide, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of how to create the perfect brows.

For stunning brows, you need the right tools in your arsenal. But there are a TON of eyebrow products out there. Finding the right ones for your brow shape and shade can feel overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered with Revlon eyebrow products.

Here are the top brow tools you need:

  • Comfort + Control Tweezer: Clean up any out-of-place hairs without your hand cramping. Remove even the finest hairs with precision.
  • Micro Eyebrow Scissor: Sharp blades offer precise cuts for easy eyebrow care. Get clean, trimmed eyebrows with ease.
  • Eyebrow Precision Shaper: Slim, portable, and convenient, this is the best tool to shape eyebrows. Bonus: It exfoliates skin, too.
  • Micro Brow Pencil: This easy-to-use brow pencil helps you create natural-looking, full brows. With seven shades, you’re sure to find the right match for your brows.
  • Semi-Permanent Brow Ink: Skip expensive salon trips and enjoy salon-worthy brow looks that last for three days at home

Finding Your Natural Brow Shape

Mastering your eyebrow game is all about using techniques that enhance your eyebrow style. For refined, structured brows that still look totally natural, you first must determine your natural brow shape.

Your natural brow shape provides a foundation for your overall facial symmetry. By working with your existing shape, you can complement your features naturally and easily.

To identify your brow shape, mark three key points along both eyebrows—the brow head, brow arch, and brow tail.

Brow Head

The brow head is where your eyebrow begins. To find it, grab an eyebrow pencil, like the ColorStay Brow Pencil, and place it vertically against the side of your nose bridge. The brow head is where your eyebrow meets the pencil.

Brow Arch

Next, find your brow arch. This is the highest point of your eyebrow. Typically, the brow arch is above the outer edge of your iris. Glide your brow pencil tip to this area and then mark this spot.

Brow Tail

Last up, time to mark your brow tail! Tilt the pencil to the end of your brow and draw a mark. It’s usually right past the outer corner of your eye.

Types of Eyebrow Shapes

After marking your brow head, brow arch, and brow tail, you’ll get a better idea of your natural eyebrow shape. A few of the different eyebrow shapes include:

  • Straight: The eyebrows follow a horizontal line with no noticeable arch. They maintain a natural, horizontal appearance across the brow bone. When doing eyebrow makeup for straight brows, avoid trying to force an arch. Instead, follow the straight line and fill in any sparse areas.
  • Middle Arched: These have a gentle arch that peaks in the middle, creating a soft curve. The highest point of the arch aligns with the outer edge of the iris. To enhance the natural arch, apply slightly more product to the middle section of the brow.
  • High-Arched: High-arched brows have a more distinct peak than middle-arched ones. Many people use brow makeup to achieve a high-arched look, so if it’s your natural shape you’re quite lucky!
  • Tail Arched: These eyebrows have a more pronounced arch that extends toward the outer corner of the eye. The tailed arch creates a lifted effect, making the eyes appear more open. For tail-arched brows, add more product near the outer third of the brow.
  • Round Eyebrows: They follow a curved outline, resembling a half-circle or oval. The arch is subtle, creating a softer look. For round eyebrow makeup, follow the naturally curved outline. Keep the arch subtle and soft.
  • Short & Thick: Short eyebrows may appear denser, with a straighter or slightly arched shape that complements a bold and defined look. Avoid the temptation to overpluck short, thick eyebrows. Focus on enhancing their bold look with clean shaping and highlighting.

Step 1: Tweeze Stray Hairs


Before you dive into the fun part of brow makeup, start by cleaning them up.! We recommend tweezing as the first step to remove any rogue hairs that fall outside your brow line.

To get started, take the Comfort + Control Tweezer and tweeze stray hairs. Remove any hairs that are above or below your desired shape. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to ensure smooth, less painful tweezing.

Pro tip: Remember—less is more when it comes to plucking eyebrows! It’s easy to get carried away and over-pluck brows. The best way to stay out of the danger zone is to look at your full face in the mirror to ensure you’re staying on track.

Another pro tip is to tweeze both eyebrows simultaneously. Focusing on one at a time is a common brow mistake that might leave you lopsided.

Step 2: Shape + Groom 

After plucking, it’s time to get down to details and trim them up.

Brush your eyebrows upward using a brow brush or spoolie, like the one on your ColorStay Brow Pencil.When you brush your eyebrows up, you can see exactly where to trim. Use the Eyebrow Micro-Scissor to trim any hairs that extend higher than your eyebrow shape.

For that crisp, clean, salon brow look, grab the Eyebrow Precision Shaper. Gently glide the razor down to remove excess baby hairs and fuzz around your brow line. As an added bonus, it also exfoliates the skin. Change back and forth between your brows to keep them as even as possible.