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Trim your nails without launching the clippings for a mess-free manicure and pedicure at home. This stainless steel nipper clips even the thickest, hard-to-cut nails with ease. Groom your fingernails and toenails, while the magnetic shield attachment prevents your trimmings from making a mess, saving you from an annoying clean up job.
  • Meet the cleanest clipper, and one of your new favorite nail accessories! Its protective shield is designed to prevent nail clippings from flying away
  • Plus, the magnetized shield is removable for easy cleaning
  • We made our clippers with strong stainless steel that won’t rust, so the sharp-edged blade is strong enough to cut through your toughest nails
  • The trimmer is perfect for grooming your fingernails or toenails. Create an at-home spa with this easy-to-use nail tool.
  • We recommend clipping your nails after a shower or after soaking in lukewarm water for smoother trimming
  • Clip a little bit at a time in slivers until you get the length you want. Remember, once you cut too far, it can’t be undone!
  • Cutting with your non-dominant hand? Make sure your hand is straight and not angled, otherwise you may cut in an uneven, diagonal slope
  • Don’t worry about shaping while you trim; that’s what a nail file is for

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