Nip without slipping.

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You’ve got control. The Revlon® Comfort + Control Nipper features wide-grip, non-slip handles, so you can nip your nails without slipping or straining.
  • Smoothly and easily trim and shape nails 
  • Breakthrough easy-glide spring requires less force
  • Straight blade provides better nail visibility
  • Textured non-slip silicone handles for a firmer grip   
  • Ergonomically crafted for more Comfort + Control
 Step 1: For the best nail care, trim fingernails before you shower. Dry nails are less likely to bend or tear as you clip them, so you'll get smoother results.
Step 2: Clipping straight across fingernails can bend and damage them, so nip at an angle that follows the nail's natural curve, making 3 to 4 small nips as you move from the outer edges inward.
Step 3: After nipping is complete, apply Ultra HD Snap! Nail Polish (available in 24 shades) to add a finishing touch to your at-home manicure.
Expert Tip: To keep your nails healthy and nourished all season long, use Revlon® Essential Cuticle Oil—rich in vitamin E and natural moisturizers.

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