Beautiful blonde without a salon.

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Get easy-to-use, ammonia-free*, ultra-light platinum blonde color at home with up to 7 levels of lift.


*Formulated without adding ammonia and parabens.

  • This platinum blonde hair color kit is for those who are naturally light blonde to medium brown
  • Lighten your natural color up to 7 levels thanks to our Luminous Platinum Powder™, a super lightening powder that works on even darker base shades
  • Improved formula has Bond Restore Complex™, an anti-breakage technology, which causes less hair damage after achieving high lift blonde results at home
  • Boost blonde and banish brassy tones with our violet pigmented conditioner
  • Easy-to-use kit delivers ultra-light platinum color at home with less damage and brilliant shine
  • Permanent hair formula leaves hair glowing with lustrous shine; formulated without adding ammonia parabens

Please follow the box instructions closely, but here are a few important points you might want to know right now about this at-home hair bleach kit:

  • Our hair experts advise not washing your hair right before you color it. Apply the Color Effects Platinum™ formula when your hair is clean and dry.
  • For All Over Lightening Application: After you put on gloves, divide the hair in small sections. Work the formula into the length of your hair, starting an inch down from your scalp. Make sure you saturate the hair with the product. You’ll apply the formula to the roots after 20-30 minutes. Check your hair every 5-10 minutes until you've reached your platinum peak. Do not exceed 60 minutes.
  • For Split Dye, Peek a Boo Blonde Highlights, or Blonde Streaks: Section the hair you would like to lighten away from the hair you would like to keep darker prior to following instructions to “All Over Lightening Application.”
  • For Root Touch-Ups: After you put on gloves, apply the formula to only the root regrowth area. Check on your hair every 5-10 minutes until you've reached your platinum peak. Do not exceed 60 minutes.
  • Once your desired lightness is reached, rinse hair, shampoo, and apply violet conditioner for anti-brass results on your favorite shades of blonde.

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