Valentine's Day Makeup Love Language Quiz 

Take the quiz below to find out what your Makeup Love Language is.  

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express and explore the language of love. With your spouse. With your partner. With your friends. And this year, with your makeup.

As you probably know, Your Love Language is the way you most like to connect with the person you love. Well, Your Makeup Love Language is the way you most like to connect with the makeup you love.

After all, makeup does a lot of the things a wonderful significant other does. It makes us feel good, it’s fun to be around, it can give us a confidence boost when we need it or just brighten up our day.

So this Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love in general, and our love of makeup in particular, in all of its forms, expressions and iterations and, of course languages. Now let’s get this love fest going. Take the quiz below to find out which Makeup Love Language is yours.

Tally up how many of each letter you answered with. The letter you chose the most is your Love Language below. (If you ended up with two letters, that’s ok! You might have more than one love language.)

A - Words of Affirmation 
If your Makeup Love Language is Words of Affirmation, you experience your love of makeup through words. Hearing them. Reading them. Whispering them to your confused significant other late at night. Saying them out loud to yourself. Like when you put on your makeup in the morning, you’re sure to throw in a few words of encouragement while coloring in your lips with ColorStay Matte Lite Crayon™. E.g . “Way to rock that matte lip, you!” Or you might toss out a “Smokin’ hot!” when you’ve just pulled off the perfect smokey eye with ColorStay Day to Night™ Eye Shadow Quad. Additionally, you love to read how your makeup describes itself, and phrases like “dramatically bold” and “deeply nurturing” really fire up your syllabic love engine. So this Valentine’s day, go ahead and indulge your language love by treating yourself to makeup that totally brings it in the word department--and see where the day takes you.

B- Quality Time 
If your Makeup Love Language is all about Quality Time, you believe there’s no better way to show love than keeping up a close, intimate connection. This means being completely present when you and your makeup are together. Like making lots of prolonged eye contact with your ColorStay™ Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin in the mirror while you’re smoothing it on your cheeks. Or maintaining absolute focus while you’re brushing So Fierce! Eyes Wide Open™ Mascara onto your lashes. And no texting, no watching the tv, nothing whatsoever to take away this intense level of mutual tactile engagement while you’re giving yourself a mani with Salon Pro Nail File™. Being really in-the-now with your makeup can lead to a great, almost psychic makeup connection. For instance, you know your ColorStay Micro™ Hyper Precision Gel Eyeliner so well, you can line your lids with your eyes closed. (Not that you would, but you could.) Sure this kind of intuitive synergy takes work, effort and dedication. But when you see the gorgeous results in the mirror—it makes all that time you put into your relationship totally worthwhile.

C- Receiving Gifts 
If your Makeup Love Language centers around Receiving Gifts, your pleasure lies in both getting gifts of makeup and giving them to others. You adore gifting friends personalized makeup presents for birthdays, or makeup to say thanks for a favor, or getting loved ones thoughtful makeup gifts for no reason at all. And you pride yourself on picking out just the right present for the people in your life. A PhotoReady RoseGlow™ Hydrating and Illuminating Primer for your best friend, to give her a little literal and figurative pick me up. A Expert Tweezer Slant Tip for your brother to help him keep his unibrow in check. You yourself love nothing more than getting a Hi, (which is why you have every shade in existence). This Valentine’s Day, why not make it easy for someone to give you makeup? Email your partner a list of makeup presents you’d be thrilled to receive. Or better yet, create an online makeup registry for yourself. As you know better than anyone, it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the gift.

D- Acts of Service 
If your Makeup Love Language is Acts of Service, you know makeup inside and out, backwards and forwards, and up and down. And you love nothing more than to share what you know with those around you--whether they’ve requested your help or not. This might mean helpfully suggesting a So Fierce!™ Big Bad Lash Mascara to the overwhelmed-looking woman in the makeup aisle. Or telling that guy in the elevator how nicely his nails are groomed when he presses the button for his floor, and recommending Ultra HD Snap!™ to really take his manicure to the next level. Or complimenting your boss on her lipstick, but gently letting her know that she has gone a bit overboard with the bronzer. Little things like that. You even have several videos on your social channels that you put out (e.g. demonstrating cool new ways to use ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow to highlight all your features) just to help others find their beauty groove, and in so doing make the world a more beautiful place.

E- Physical Touch 
People whose Makeup Love Language is Physically Touching Makeup are all about the sensorial aspects of makeup and beauty. They delight in soft, flexible textures. Sensuous lip colors. Replenishing oils. Innovative finishes. For them physical touch is everything. For instance, they could never live on a deserted island without their Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller. The highly sensitive people communicate mainly with their fingers—words are a second thought. They don’t want long-text valentines, they want a lip balm so intensely moisturizing it leaves them speechless (Kiss™ Balm). They could care less about heartfelt words of affection, they’re looking for a concealer that blends effortlessly into their skin (ColorStay Skin Awaken™ 5-in-1 Concealer). You get the picture.