Happy Birthday Revlon!

Celebrating 92 Years of Bold Beauty for Women's History Month


It’s fitting that the start of Women’s History Month coincides with Revlon’s birthday. On March 1, 1932, Revlon was founded with the mission to create a more liberated beauty. One that embodied action, independence, inspiration and purpose.


Today and every day, we are proud to celebrate the iconic women in our community who live boldly, as we’ve done for 92 years. To kick off the month, we’re reflecting on Revlon’s rich history of empowering women to live fully, freely, and with purpose. For nearly a century, we've used these values to create a world where everyone can continue to live their truth the way they see it, celebrating beauty in every form.

A Company Of Iconic Firsts For Women

We were the first beauty brand to run an ad showing a woman wearing pants instead of a skirt or dress. The first to create advertising featuring a Black woman (and the first company to sign an exclusive contract with a Black model). We were also the first to sign a plus-size model as a Brand Ambassador.



Continuing Our Legacy

Our work is focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, responsible stewardship towards our planet and building community through philanthropy, wellness and outreach. 

With each product we make, we continue to amplify voices, challenge conventions and break barriers in areas where we need change the most. We exist to inspire innovation, inclusion, and intention. So together, we can move the world forward in bold, liberated new ways.


Live Boldly