Holiday Beauty Personality Gift Guide

Finding the perfect beauty gift for each holiday beauty personality in your life can be daunting. But this year, it’s as easy as reading our editorial.

We’ve done a deep dive into what beauty gifts will make all the different types of Holiday Beauty Personalities in your life beam with utter delight—or just beam from using a SkinLights™ Prismatic Highlighter. From The Selfie Snow Bunny who wants to glimmer and shimmer like some kind of super-charged, over-caffeinated snowflake. To The Holiday Homebody whose makeup is as low-maintenance and easy-going as she is. And let’s not forget Santa’s Beard Savant whose holiday beauty goal is to rock a beard worthy of the Man In Red himself. Trust us, we’ve got something up our sleeves and down our stockings for everyone—even gifting The Holidaze Day-After with just what she needs to refresh and recharge in time for the new year..

The Selfie Snow Bunny

The Selfie Snow Bunny thinks the best thing about this time of year is showing off what she’s doing for the holidays. For some, that might be skiing. For her, it’s chilling in a ski lodge. Why ski when you can sit, right? And frostbite is a look she’s so not willing to rock this year—or, any year. What The Selfie Snow Bunny is going for is all-out sparkle. She wants to glimmer and shimmer like some kind of super-charged, over-caffeinated snowflake. Think glittery eyeshadows like So Fierce!™ Prismatic Eye Shadow Palettes. And think frosty—no, not the snowman—like a lip crayon topped by a gloss in haute pinks (Matte Lite Crayon paired with SL the Gloss – Rose Quartz + Lean In). And when her look is just right, right down to her nails (Ultra HD Snap! –Get Real) she’s gonna post a selfie. Because every Selfie Snow Bunny knows the best thing about an amazing holiday look is posting it for all your friends look at. .

The Holiday Homebody

For The Holiday Homebody the holidays mean going home—and staying home. Why would she leave the house when she could just hang out by the fire all day? Baking cookies. Stringing popcorn. Or just eating popcorn. The Holiday Homebody says let your friends come to you—because baby it’s cold outside. Make no mistake though, staying at home doesn’t mean she’s going the no-makeup route. The look she loves is as low-maintenance and easy-going as she is. She’s all about the Revlon® Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller and Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry. Minimalistic, natural yes, but still flawless. With Super Lustrous Glass Shine – Nude Illuminator on her lips she’s polished but not trying too hard. Because you never know when one of your exes might drop by to say “Happy Holidays.”.

Naughty And Nice

Naughty and Nice has been both naughty and nice this year. But hey, hasn’t everyone? Basically, this Holiday Personality likes to spend the holidays keeping people guessing who’s gonna show up. For instance, one day she’ll be as bad as she wants to be—with coal in her stocking and kohl liner (ColorStay™ Angled Kajal to be exact) on her eyes. A bordering on Goth kind of look. Dark. Really dark. And the next day she’s nothing but nice. You know, perfectly innocent daytime makeup, maybe a spritz or two of PhotoReady Rose Glow™ Face Mist and sophisticated neutral shades like Colorstay Look Book Eyeshadow etc. etc. Yes, she’s on the bad list. But she’s also on the good list. For her being Naughty & Nice means having two beauty personalities and embracing them both.

The On-Screen Office Partier

The On-Screen Office Partier is all about holiday fun, even if in-person holiday fun is kind of off-limits this year. You’ll still find her in her outrageous Ugly Holiday Sweater, wearing her Holiday Lights necklace and rocking her own mistletoe. And since the venue never closes for an On-Screen Office Partier, she can go all night with just a 15 minute cat nap on her mouse pad (Luckily ColorStay™ Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin SPF 15 is transfer-resistant.) Her expert tip? Keep your concealer on the 24 Hour wear side, such as ColorStay™ Full Coverage Concealer, and only wear the most vibrant shades (ColorStay Day To Night™ Eye Shadow Quad- Pretty) to really break through virtually.

The New Year’s Resolutionist

The New Year’s Resolutionist will openly admit she is guilty of making a New Year’s Resolution and then breaking it—all in the same week. But we are all guilty of these broken promises to ourselves. This holds especially true for those personal care New Year’s Resolutions. Like keeping your nails in order (think Full Jaw Cuticle Nail Nipper.) Or keeping up your eyebrows upkeep (Expert Tweezer Slant Tip.) Or keeping your face free of peach fuzz with Revlon Face Defuzzers—even though it’s really fun to say “peach fuzz.” Personal care takes dedication. Perseverance. Commitment. Just talking about it is draining. But with professional grade personal care items and a magic wand (Microdermabrasion Wand)—she’s going to absolutely and unequivocally fulfill her New Year’s Resolutionist commitments. This year is going to be different. Promise.

The Holiday Photo Perfectionist

For some, holiday photos are lighthearted moments of fun. But The Holiday Photo Perfectionist is not one of those people. Her holiday photos demand intense prep and flawless execution. Mainly because they will last for decades to come. And possibly even centuries. So she needs products and tools that give her control over her look. Total control. Like Lash & Brow Groomer, Precision Lash Curler and Ultimate Tweezer Slant Tip for starters. Not to mention professional level lighting and PhotoReady Candid™ Concealer Stick and PhotoReady Blurring Powder. And also energy bars so she can maintain my stamina. Perfection as they say, is never easy. Luckily ColorStay Brow Creator and Brow Kit are. .

Santa’s Beard Savant

For Santa’s Beard Savant, as is true for many men, Santa idealizes what it means to have the perfectly timeless, absolutely envied beard. He embodies true beard greatness. So each year, when the holidays roll around he feels motivated to elevate his grooming game. He breaks out the Men’s Series Facial Hair Kit and Men’s Series Safety Scissors and buckles d own for a holiday hair maintenance routine worthy of the Man In Red himself. Being Santa’s Beard Savant and rocking an impeccably maintained beard (did we mention his stash of Face Defuzzers and PhotoReady Rose Glow Face Mist?) is not always an easy road. But it’s the road he’s chosen for his facial hair. And he loves it.

The Holidaze Day-After

Don’t go judging The Holidaze Day-After--we’re all guilty of overdoing the festivities of the season. But now no one has to know JUST HOW GUILTY. Because the day after the holidays, The Holidaze Day-After will know what to reach for. Besides some ginger ale that is. For instance, a Jade Stone Facial Roller instantly diminishes puffiness and boosts circulation. Or she can just smooth on some concealer (Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer – Universal Brightener) and bam!—it’s like nothing ever happened. The Holidaze Day-After ‘s objective is perfectly simple—look like she went to bed when the sun went down, and not when it came up (basically meaning Colorstay Full Cover Foundation is a must-have.);

The Holiday Glamazon

My The glam benchmark of The Holiday Glamazon is the 1940s and her glam philosophy is that when it comes to glam—more is more. For example, for her, it would be a mortal crime not to flaunt a red lip (Colorstay Satin Ink – in Fired Up) and dramatic eye look So Fierce!™ Big Bad Lash Mascara- Black. Even while running out to the grocery store for more egg nog. She doesn’t really care for egg nog, but it’s super glam, so she drinks it. She might live in a bit of a 1940s holiday fantasy world with her lush red lips and her boldly brazenly shining eyeliner (So Fierce!™ Vinyl Eyeliner in Midnight Mystrery) at 7:30 in the morning, but as a Holiday Glamazon, there’s no place she’d rather be.

The Unexpected Holiday Guest

The Unexpected Holiday Guest is friend or family member whom you love dearly, but who you dearly wish would call in advance before showing up at your door. Of course, you’re happy to see them, they’re wonderful! But it does get a bit awkward when you don’t have a holiday gift ready for them to open. This year, however, when the minutes and hours tick by, and The Unexpected Holiday Guest is still sitting expectantly on your couch—you’ll be ready. With a gift of professional level beauty tool like the Lash Curler for Natural Curl. Or liners like ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pens- Sharp Line. And especially lipcolors in neutral shades that work on everyone and anyone (Super Lustrous™ Lipstick – Sassy Mauve, Rum Raisin or Rose Velvet ) because you never know who’ll be knocking at your door. So Unexpected Holiday Guests—come right in!

So there you have it. The definitive Holiday Gift Guide for Every Holiday Beauty Personality. Still need more info? Check out @revlon.