3 Easy Eye Makeup Looks for Halloween

Check out these ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween eyeliner tutorials to get you ready for your Spooktacular festivities. 

easy eye makeup looks for Halloween
Halloween is almost here. So we've partnered with our girl @ohitsbreee to create 3 easy Halloween-inspired eye looks using her favorite Revlon products for Halloween looks.

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1. Spiderweb Eyeliner Tutorial

Are you looking for a unique Halloween eyeliner look?  Spiderweb eyeliner is an easy and versatile option that can be adapted to suit your personal style. This intricate design adds a touch of creativity to your makeup, transforming a classic winged liner into a stunning web pattern.

How to do Spiderweb Eyeliner

  1. Using ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pens (3), draw a line along the crease, and extend it to the outer corner of each eye. Flick upward to create another wing.
  2. Draw U-shaped lines connecting to each other to mimic the look of a web.
  3. Draw straight lines down from the points of the U-Shape.
  4. Add smaller U-Shaped lines between the straight lines. 
  5. Using the black shimmery shade (Up In Flames) from the Revlon x Megan Thee Stallion Big Bad Palette, smudge shadow onto your lower lash line. 
  6. Add a highlight of gold shimmer (Bring the Heat) in the corner of each eye. 
  7. Apply ColorStay™ Eyeliner in Black (201) along the waterline. Finish the look by applying a generous amount of So Fierce!™ Big bad Lash Mascara in Black (702).

2. Batwing Eyeliner Tutorial

Bats have hands-down the most over-the-top wings in the animal kingdom. So it stands to reason the most over-the-top eye look has got to be the Batwing Eye.   

1. Using ColorStay™ Eyeliner in Black (201), draw a line along the crease of your eyelid and extend past your eyes. Curve the line upward to create a bat wing above the outer corner of your eye. 

2. Fill in the front of the wing with blue shadow (Shimmer) from the Megan Thee Stallion Palette. Blend.

3. Fill the middle of the eyelid with gray shimmer shadow (Knockout). blend it into the blue.

4. Fill in the outer part of the eye lid "wing" with ColorStay™ Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen (3) and the black shimmer eye shadow (Up in Flames.)

5. Complete the lower lash line by starting from the outer eye and moving towards the inner corner, Begin with black shimmer shadow, add gray shimmer, then add blue at the inner corner. 

3. Knife Eyeliner Tutorial

Are you searching for a unique and spooky eyeliner look to elevate your Halloween makeup game? Look no further! Knife eyeliner is an imaginative and eye-catching design that will surely make you stand out at any Halloween event. This edgy eyeliner style features a knife-shaped wing, complete with a handle and smokey blood undereye, adding a chilling touch to your makeup look.

How to Do Knife Eyeliner for Halloween

  1. Using ColorStay™ Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen (3), start at the inner area of your eyelid, and outline the shape of a knife blade, extending past the outer corner of your eye.
  2. Fill in the "knife blade" on the eyelid with a silver shimmer (Foxy) from the Big Bad Palette, until you get to the outer part of your eyelid.
  3. Draw a horizontal line at the end of the blade, then outline the handle of the knife with ColorStay™ Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen (3). Fill in the handle.
  4. If you have a white liner, use it to draw two dots on the center of the black rectangle to match the look of a cutlery knife handle.
  5. Fill in under the eye with red shadow from the Big Bad Palette (Fever).

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