2-in-1 callus remover and buffer for your smoothest, softest feet yet

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Smooth feet from heel-to-toe! Our Bacteria Shield Glass Foot Buffer is coated with a patented Anti-Bacterial Finish. This non-absorbent glass foot buffer resists bacteria, so that it stays clean and hygienic. Use the rough side to target thick skin and calluses around the sole and heel. The smooth side can be used to buff and soften skin as a finishing touch. It can also be used to file toenails and is suitable for sensitive skin and nails. After use, it can be placed under sunlight or UV light for 2 hours to sterilize.  The high-quality glass is made to last.
  • 2-in-1: callus removal and buffer
  • Rough side targets hard, thick skin
  • Smooth side buffs and softens as finishing touch
  • Coated with Anti-Bacterial finish
  • Can be sterilized by placing in sunlight or UV light for 2 hours
  • High-quality glass lasts for years
  • Does not corrode, rust, rot & become unhygienic like other files
  • Run the rough side over thick skin and calluses on your feet until skin feels smooth
  • Use the smooth side to buff and soften skin
  • Use regularly to keep calluses at bay
  • Can also be used to file toenails

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