Effortlessly curl your lashes with comfort + control.

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You’ve got control. A useful beauty tool for anyone’s makeup kit, the Revlon® Comfort + Control Lash Curler is designed to fit most eye shapes with less pinching than a standard curler.
  • Easy to hold handles, no finger loops
  • Elongated handles feature 5 dips
  • Open mechanism for effortless curling in one easy squeeze
  • Textured, non-slip grip
  • Ergonomically crafted for more Comfort + Control
  • Replacement silicone pad in built-in storage well   

Step 1: Place your thumb on the handle with the single dip. Place each remaining finger in the four individual dips on the other handle.

Step 2: Position the eyelash curler’s pads near the base of your upper lashes, but not actually touching your eyelid.

Step 3: Gently press down, hold for 5 seconds, and release to achieve desired curl. Repeat on your other eyelash line.


Step 4: Apply So Fierce! Eyes Wide Open™ Mascara to lift your lashes even higher.

Expert Tip: Start with dry, makeup-free lashes to get the best results when using the lash curler.

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