Let's Talk Self-Care At Home With Our Brand Ambassadors

Catch up with our Revlon family at home as we launch our #ButItHelps campaign.

You don’t have to wear makeup, #ButItHelps

Everyone is affected by what’s happening in the world today. We’re trying to seize any opportunity for a little self-care while at home. As a beauty brand, we want to make your day a bit better the best way we know, which is why our latest social campaign is all about finding joy in the little things like makeup. It may just be lipstick, #ButItHelps. 

Let's see what our brand ambassadors are reaching for to do some self-care at home...

You don't have to dress up for dinner at home, #ButItHelps In these times of quarantine, it's really easy to feel like giving up and spending every day in your pajamas. Some days, it can be extremely hard to even muster the energy to take a shower. But we know from mental health experts that acts of self-care are incredibly important for physical and emotional wellbeing. Personal hygiene habits can boost our self-esteem, reaffirm our self-worth, aid in establishing routine, help us adapt to changes and give us a sense of control - all incredibly important in uncertain times like these. You don't need to do it every day but find your one small act of self-care - it can go a long way in your mental health journey. – @adwaoaboah
You don’t have to wear blue eyeliner and mascara to read that romantic novel, #ButItHelps - @eniolaabioro
We don’t have to wear makeup to stay home, but it helps – @sofiacarson
Didn’t have to brighten up my day with a highlight glowy enough to pop on FaceTime #ButItHelps 🌟 wearing my @revlon tropical vibes kit - @ashleygraham

We want to know what you're doing at home for self-care, whether it's swiping on lipstick or turning to your jade roller. Remember that you don't have to wear makeup, #ButItHelps. Tag @Revlon in your moment of self-care and let us know how makeup helps brighten your day.