Our sleek kit for on-the-go manicure maintenance

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Everything you need to perfect your nails—in a portable manicure kit. So no matter where you need to touch up, you're prepared.
  • Everything you need for a professional manicure in an easily portable kit
  • Includes four expert tools for the perfect manicure-Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer, Curved Blade Nail Clip, Compact Emeryl file for flawless shaping and a Buffer for a brilliant, natural shine
  • Deluxe nylon carrying case protects tools for easy transport
  • Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer pushes back cuticles and keeps them neat
  • Nail Clip with curved blades safely trims
  • Shape and smooth nails quickly with Compact Emery file
  • Mini Wonder Buff creates a high gloss shine
  • Premium nylon case
  • Always be sure you've removed all polish before perfecting your nails, to avoid damaging them
  • To trim your nails like a pro: Clip from each side toward the center
  • Time to file and shape: Use the rougher side of the Emeryl™ file to do the actual shaping, then turn it over and smooth the edges; always file in one direction to help prevent splitting
  • Clean up those cuticles: Push them back with the contoured end of the cuticle trimmer, then glide the metal-V end (with prongs facing up) along the cuticle edge
  • Buff: Use the sandy side of the nail buffer to work on stains and ridges; switch to the smooth side to polish nails to a high-gloss shine

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