Get The Look: 6 Steps to Glowy, Summer Makeup

So you want to bring the heat while you beat the heat? Here’s the low-maintenance way to dew it…

  1. The first step (which actually holds true for everything in life) is: you gotta prep. Oh, and you know the drill for Summer--don’t forget to hydrate like a champ. That’s where PhotoReady Rose Glow™ Face Gloss comes in. It does double-duty, prepping and hydrating your face before you even think about replicating the latest Tik Tok look. You’ll love seeing your skin looking so effortlessly did I do that or did it just happen? glowy. And you’ll love how refreshed your skin feels all day. And who knows? Maybe even all night.
    Hot Tip: If you’re in a rush to get ready, put a wet wash-cloth in the freezer for 10 minutes, and then on your face for a minute or two after you hop out of the shower. This will cool skin much quicker than splashing it with cold water. Ahhhh.

  2. Onto the next step—foundation, which can be a bit of a slippery slope (literally) when temperatures soar. No need to stress, take one of those deep, soothing yoga inhales, then smooth on some ColorStay™ Makeup and let your skin breathe too. It’s the so-comfortable-you’ll-forget-you’re-wearing-it long-wear with coverage that’s weightless and seamless--not gunky and funky. No matter if you’re Normal/Dry or Combo/Oily, they’ve got a shade for you. And did you know it’s got SPF 15? Complexion perfection and skin protection—yes!
    Hot Tip: Even the most conscientious of us can fall victim to unsightly bathing suit tan lines. The fix? Just smooth a little ColorStay™ Makeup over your shoulders and blend those amateur hour lines away. What tan lines?

  3. Third on the agenda? Brows that make ya go wowww. Now, it’s well-known brows can be kinda intimidating even in the best of weather, but throw in heat and humidity and the brow thing takes on a whole new degree of difficulty. No one wants to worry about their eyebrows melting down onto their eyelids or getting washed away in the surf (awkward!). Good thing ColorStay™ Brow Pencil won’t do either. It’s double-ended for max brow control with a spoolie side to swoop brows up and a pencil side for those light feathery strokes that look nothing but natural—even in direct sunlight. And it’s waterproof, so bring on those monster waves!
    Hot Tip: You know how your hair can get lighter in the sun? Well your brows can get lighter too. If you want to keep them on the darker side, just run a sunscreen stick right over your eyebrows. Double bonus—this will also help set them in place.

  4. Now we arrive at the eyes. And as everyone can attest, stopping the Summertime action just to redo your eye liner is a major beauty buzz kill. So yay that ColorStay™ Eyeliner is waterproof and long-wearing—don’t worry you won’t smudge, budge or fudge it. And you can totally upgrade your cute day beach bingo look into steamy nighttime siren with two clever strokes of your pen. And yes, it’s also waterproof (see above.)
    Hot Tip: If you really want to go bold for night, consider using a contrasting shade right above your original line (e.g. keep day playful with 210 Teal, then add 201 Black for some evening drama).

  5. This next note is all about loving your lips—how they look and how they feel. Cause you know that parched feeling your body get when it gets hot? Well your lips feel it ten-fold. And those long-wear lipcolors don’t help matters—except of course, in this case. ColorStay Satin Ink™ 16 hour wear is infused with Black Currant Oil and Vitamin E, so it won’t leave lips either feeling, or looking, dry as a tumbleweed. Not only that, the shades stay vivid as a summer sunset, and true as a summer love. (Well, maybe not the summer love part.) Feel it to believe it. In 21 Hot-for-Summer shades.
    Hot Tip: If you’ve done a beach babe look in pink for day (e.g. 012 Seal the Deal) but want to elevate your game for evening (e.g. 023 Up All Night) just layer the darker color right over the lighter one.

  6. With our final step, we’re bringing it back to the ever-important element of hydration. Now it’s true that even those with Super Summer Stamina will find themselves flagging and lagging on occasion. That’s the perfect moment to whip out PhotoReady Rose Glow™ Face Mist Spritz for a much-needed hydra-boost, or when you want to amp up the glow. It’s super easy to use, even if your mind has been dulled from too many Summer beach books. Just hold 8-10 inches from your face and spray away to set it and forget it.
    Hot Tip: If you really want a cool blast, keep this baby in the fridge or drink cooler.


Bonus Hot Tip: The Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller might sound hot, but it’s just really cool. It effortlessly rolls away excess oil and keeps your Summer Look from going south. So roll away that not-so-hot shine in seconds—even over makeup.

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