Product Safety

Revlon’s Commitment to Safety

Revlon is committed to providing our consumers with the highest quality products that are safe and effective. All ingredients used by Revlon and all products manufactured and sold by Revlon to consumers, under all our various brands, either meet or exceed the safety and regulatory standards set by the 120 countries around the world where our products are sold, including those set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) and the European Union (the “E.U.”).

Revlon is extremely proud to have been at the forefront of safety innovations in our industry. Through our consistent and meticulous use of safety methodology, we are confident that our products maintain the high levels of safety and efficacy that our consumers deserve.

As we expand our business, bringing new products and brands into our portfolio through acquisition, we ensure that they conform to Revlon’s exacting standards within a reasonable timetable following the acquisition based on R&D, regulatory, manufacturing and other commercial considerations. Specifically, in connection with our acquisition of the professional products business from The Colomer Group, we have implemented a plan to integrate all formulas and ensure they meet Revlon's safety standards, which process we expect to be completed by 2016.

To learn more about Revlon’s four-part safety methodology and the ingredients we use in our products, please click on the links below:
Revlon’s Safety Methodology

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