Shape 'N' Buff™ File And Buffer from Revlon

All-in-one tool for an expert manicure
Two filing surfaces, four buffing surfaces

Get a complete expert manicure with one, easy–to–use tool. Two filing surfaces shape and finish nails. Four buffing surfaces create a satiny smooth surface and glossy, brilliant shine.
How to use:
Remove all nail enamel before beginning.
Start with dry nails to help prevent peeling. Use coarse grain side to file nails to desired length and shape.
Use fine grain side to smooth and finish. To prevent splitting, file in one direction only.
Even out. Buff vigorously across nail surface until stains and ridges are removed.
Smooth. Continue buffing to produce a satiny smooth surface.
Buff. Prepare nails for the final shine.
Shine. Finish buffing for a natural, brilliant shine.


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