Cuticle Nipper Full Jaw from Revlon

Precision crafted blades for safe, clean cuticle trimming
Full jaw covers a large cuticle area

Achieve salon style results with the Full Jaw Cuticle Nipper. Precision–crafted blades trim excess cuticles and hangnails cleanly and safely, while the full jaw covers a large surface area. Designed with spring action for a clean cut every time without pulling or tugging. Secure grip for accuracy and control.

How to use:

  • Soften cuticles by soaking in warm water, and then gently push cuticles back from nail bed.
    • To trim excess cuticles, rotate lever 180 degrees, creating spring action between the handles, then hold nipper blades against cuticle or hangnail, squeeze firmly and release.
      • Use on hangnails and cuticles only (trimming nails will dull blades).



• Soften cuticles by soaking them in warm water.
• To trim cuticles, rotate inside lever 180 degrees to create a spring action between the handles
• Hold nipper blades against the cuticle or hangnail and squeeze handles firmly.
• Use on cuticle and hangnails only.