Eye Tools Diamond Collection Tweezer

Revlon Diamond Collection Tweezer

- Irresistably Attractive
- Revlon’s #1 Expert Tweezer with perfectly aligned, high precision, slant tips
- Stainless Steel

Perfectly aligned, ultra-precise slant tips allow for high precision tweezing, grabbing even the tiniest of hairs with ease. Slanted edge provides a larger gripping surface for quick and easy tweezing. Pointed tips grab short and stubborn hairs. Perfect handle tension allows for superior control.


- Using Revlon’s Lash and Brow Groomer, brush brows into place. Pluck individual hairs in the direction of hair growth.

- Tweeze from below the brow to create a clean shape, following brow’s natural arch.

- Tweeze only obvious, stray hairs from above the brow.

- Be careful not to over tweeze.