Colorstay Makeup Guide

Revlon® Colorstay™

Longwearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade or rub off. Formula contains time release technology that continuously controls oil absorption and provides hydration. So, your look stays flawless throughout the day.


Makeup, powder or both? The Makeup will provide a satin finish for all day flawless looking skin. The Powder is great for quick touch ups over makeup or can be applied directly over moisturizer for a more matte finish.

Liquid or crème makeup? It’s your choice! Some women love the mousse like texture of our crème whipped makeup. They adore its luxurious silky feel, its blendability and the soft matte finish it provides. Others rely on our classic liquid option, which gives you a satin finish. Liquid makeup also provides you the option of choosing makeup that helps with specific skin needs (combination/oily skin or normal/dry skin), in an array of 32 breathable shades.

Is mineral makeup right for me? Mineral makeup was introduced in the mid 2000’s as an innovative new makeup form and it still has a very loyal following. Women who favor mineral makeup love the high yet natural coverage it provides, as well as how it nourishes skin. ColorStay Aqua version will provide flawless perfection with a healthy look and instant hydration.

Why use concealer? A concealer will allow you to target those specific spots that a foundation doesn’t quite cover, for example dark circles, blemishes and discoloration. ColorStay concealers will last all day, providing flawless, reliable coverage. For more coverage on your troubled areas, apply concealer over foundation and pat in (don’t rub).